Our Ethos


Something new…somewhere exclusive…somebody attractive..
The allure of the unknown and the unexpected.
We try to make it different every time.
We screen your partners to make sure they are respectful and decent.
And then……we let you run wild!
Join the club.


The prominent theme of our parties is the fulfilment of the woman. Our parties centered on the Wife sharing/ Hotwifing and cuckolding theme regardless of the scale of the parties.
Sharing your partner is a selfless act of love and devotion.To trust your partner enough to allow them the freedom to indulge their wildest fantasy is truly the calling behind this venture.
We aim to create a safe and exciting environment for you and your partner to indulge each other and to share your deepest commitment to each other.


We believe that Style is a central component of sensuality.Through the eyes, we send titillating visions of unbridled lust and yearning to the mind.
At our events aim to excite all your senses; starting of. course, with the visual.

Venetian masks, rigidly-laced corsets, seamed stockings are just but a glimpse of what we consider to be common place…
We adhere to strict dress codes and codes of conduct to ensure that everybody plays their part.
Yes.Its Exciting.

No.of Parties since 2007
No.of Castle Parties
No. of Cities in Europe for Hotel Parties
No.of Orgasms


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Our Values

We are a company that values every interaction with our guets. We go to great lengths to deliver nothing but the best there is out there.You can count on us for:

  • Value
  • Discretion
  • Quality
  • Detail

Our Rules

We are fun and easy going.We want everbody to have a good time and we do have some principles that all our member MUST adhere to:

  • Respect Everybody.
  • No means No.
  • You must Dress up.
  • Always Clean and Fresh.
  • Safe. Sane.Consensual.