31.12.2018 Silvester Schloss Masken Ball


This year we are delighted to announce that our new year party will be a Castle Party in the Southern Part of Germany.


The exact location will be disclosed only to those attending.



Application Process.

  1. Please register your details on the Registration Page.Registration is free.
  2. Send a clear image that shows the faces of all those registering.Couples must send a picture of both partners. Email pictures to verify@hotwifeparties.com
  3. You Membership application will be approved or denied in not more than 48 hours.We reserve the right to reject any applicant.
  4. you will receive an email with your membership number if your application is accepted
  5. Using your membership number you can now pay the entry fee to the account information provided.
  6. After your payment is received we will send you via post a membership smart card which contains your security validation to access the party location.You must bring the card with you on the date of the party.We will also send via email all instructions and guidance for the party location and date.Evening Program:

Part 1: DRESS CODE: Ladies Evening gown / Fancy Dress     Men: Black Suit  -Black Tie

Arrivals 1700-1800hrs

1815 Champagne Toast and Welcome Speech by Hosts.

1830 Guests are seated for dinner by guides.Guest will be suitably paired with strangers over dinner to encourage mingling and conversation

1900 Dinner is Served.

Dinner is a 4 course Ala carte menu served at the table.

2000 :Guests will be led to a cocktail area to watch a piano and violin musical performance.

2045Guests guided to Changing rooms.


 PART 2 : DRESS CODE: all guest must wear masks.

Lades: Short Dress , Stockings  Heels       Men: Jacket, shirt and open collar.

2115 Guests will be assembled at the party floor.Lights dimmed and music in the background.

The hosts will lead guests through ritualistic naughty games to set the mood.

2125 Erotic Ceremony is introduced by the party Host starting with with rituals of burning incense and undressing into sexy lingerie.

2140 There will be a show by our sexy performer on Tantra, Kamasutra and Bondage.

2225Kiss -a-stranger ritual


2230 SexPlay Rooms officially open./Dj Party Starts

2330 Fireworks Display

2359 New year Count Down

0001 New year Dance with Primary Partner

0015-0400 Disco,  Dancing,  Sex 

The dance floor and bars will remain open until 4 am when the parties is officially slowed down and guests may leave at whenever they wish.